October 27, 2007




August 26, 2007

We did it! We’ve successfully organised the Xtreme Challenge and it was great! Thank you to everyone for being such good sport. Thank you also to our officials, those hardworking volunteers and our sponsors! And of course, participants! See you in November!!


See more coverage and pics HERE. Thanks Anakbrunei!

More pics here (Rano) and here (nuar) and here (maasita).

Our Sponsors

August 24, 2007

We say a big thank you to our sponsors, without whom we wouldnt have been able to move forward.

Yamini Enterprise

Keris Perdana Imperial Sports Company

Casbah London Kebab








August 15, 2007

notice2.jpgNEW !!!! 20th Aug07 BRIEFING FOR PARTICIPATING TEAMS We shall be holding a briefing for all participants who have submitted their forms to participate in Next weeks Xtreme Adventure Race. Its on Friday, 24th August at 3pm in Jerudong Park Concourse / Lawn area. The briefing will be on the race and its routes, the disciplines that will be tested, some tips on using equipment and on safety! Attendance is COMPULSORY. We shall be calling team leaders to remind you to attend.

    NEW !!! 20th Aug07 EXTENSION OF DEADLINE We have been receiving a lot of late entries to Next weeks’ Xtreme Adventure race so we have decided to EXTEND the closing date for receiving entries to THURSDAY 23nd August 2007 or until we reach our cut-off number of teams. SO those interested can still submit your completed forms by Thursday at our office “Intrepid Teams” at the PGGMB building or at the RBA Golf Club Office in Berakas. Its still not too late to join this fun event!!

16 Aug07. We will be having another “ROADSHOW” this Sunday the 19th August from 3pm – 5.30pm at the CoffeeZone Centerpoint Gadong. So if you missed us last week, meet us there and we’ll be able to show you what Adventure Racing is all about and what we’re gonna have at the end of this month and in November. You can also submit the entry forms to us there. So drop by and talk to us there.

    15 Aug07 The Xtreme Adventure Challenge @ JP Playground will take place on the 26th August 2007. The Final day for receiving entries is the 20th August 2007. This race is a teaser event for the BAR 2007 and will give everyone a taste of Adventure Racing. Join and have fun!

15 Aug07 You can now get entry forms online from HERE and also from the reception counter of the RBA Golf Club, next to the RBA Recreation Club in Berakas. You can submit the completed forms together with a $10 deposit at Intrepid Teams, PGGMB building or at the RBA Golf Club (Berakas) reception counter.

An Invitation to all extreme sports enthusiasts and

adventure lovers, we are organising Brunei’s first

extreme adventure competition, the Brunei

Adventure Race 2007 or BAR2007.


The Brunei Adventure Race 2007 will be held

throughout November 2007, in all four districts of

Brunei Darussalam. The race will kick off on the

first Sunday of November in Temburong and will

continue on every Sunday thereafter.

The BAR is supported by Tourism Brunei as well

as the MCYS.

The race will take you through four disciplines,

mainly footwork and roadwork,

orienteering, rope and rock climbing, and water

adventures. The race will also take you through

some of the most beautiful sceneries on Brunei

Darussalam as well as the jungles of our interiors.

It will also incorporate some of our local

cultures and disciplines, such as ‘sumpit’, as well as

traditional activities as ‘mengatam padi’ or rice

harvesting the traditional way. It will be fun. It will

be challenging. It will be something to remember.


So if you’re up to it, get four friends together and


Oh, as a teaser of what the race is all about, we will

be holding a teaser event, the Xtreme

adventure Challenge @ JP Playground this

August the 26th. Same rules, slightly different

format, but extreme challenge just the same. Join

us and have fun!